The Flex Invest

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Take control of your investments with our transparent solutions

Invest 100$ per month to help grow and manage your wealth effectively. Our strategy provides a systematic approach to stay ahead on your financial goals and ensure long-term financial security. With the use of our expert financial tools and resources, you can confidently navigate the market and reach your investment objectives. Let us guide you in creating a personalized investment strategy to build and protect your wealth for the future.


Invest in a diversified portfolio of assets with minimal risk.


Enjoy transparent reporting and accountability on the blockchain.


Gain complete control over your investments with multikey signatures.

Key Elements of The Flex Invest 100+

Growing the value of your investments has never been easier

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a time-tested investment strategy that involves investing fixed amounts of money at regular intervals in multiple digital assets, regardless of market conditions.

This approach mitigates the impact of market volatility, allowing us to purchase more digital assets for you when prices are low and fewer when prices are high.

The Flex Invest 100+ plan elevates this strategy to a groundbreaking level by incorporating a multi-asset approach.

We carefully select a diversified portfolio of assets, including coins, utility tokens, finance tokens and risk digital assets, to reduce risk and enhance your potential for growth.

low entry investment


The Flex Invest 100+ has been designed to allow flexibility on all types of investors.
fully secured investment

Security of Assets

Using MPC Technology and MultiKey Signatures, your assets are fully protected.
transparent reporting

Transparency in reporting

We provide full on-chain reporting, allowing every user to eliminate the possibility of thefts or incorrect reports.
digital asset markets

Market Expertise

Our team consists of professional traders and analysts, with a long standing reputation.
invest in a diversified way

Multi Asset Investment

Spreading risk has become the easiest task. Our Specialists seek the best opportunities for your invested funds.
full automatic investment

Fully Automated Process

Our system is developed to automatize every step, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Characteristics of The Flex Invest 100+

Secured with Multi Key Signatures and Multi Party Computation

Traditional investment models rely on centralized custodians, raising concerns about security and control. Our plan utilizes multikey signatures, a state-of-the-art blockchain technology that ensures the highest levels of security and transparency.

Multikey signatures require multiple authorized parties to approve transactions, eliminating the single point of failure and safeguarding your investments against unauthorized access.

This decentralized approach empowers you to maintain complete control over your assets, fostering peace of mind and confidence.

Transparent Reporting on the Blockchain, accessible from anywhere

Transparency is essential in any investment relationship.

Our plan leverages the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain technology to provide you with detailed and readily accessible reports on your investments.

All transactions, including asset allocations, investment performance, and fees, are immutably recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that you always have a clear and verifiable view of your portfolio.

This transparency fosters trust and empowers you to make informed investment decisions.